Wrestling Ride


Wrestling Ride - RGN

About the show

Wrestling Ride is a show about the greatest matches and wrestlers in the business. Step into the ring with Faisal and Yousef to go on a wild ride of wrestling stories, behind the scenes and history.


Faisal Mghesib - RGN

Faisal Mghesib


The first Arab WWE commentator.
Faisal’s never ending passion for WWE made him the first Arab WWE commentator in history, a young man with many achievments in the industry. He is also a radio host and a wrestling content creator.

Yousef Callaway - RGN

Yousef Callaway


Wrestling expert and content creator for more than 20 years.
Yousef is wrestling historian and part of the GWS group
and he co-hosted a radio and podcast wrestling shows.


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