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On August 4th, 2020, Beirut took a hit that repelled through the whole of the Arab world. Through the investigation of Linda Tamim, this DocuSeries will shed light on the cause, effect, and aftermath of this devastating blow. Victims, survivors, and mourners, recount the events of that date and what followed on Beirut Blast.


Linda Tamim


Linda Tamim is a journalist and radio broadcaster based in Beirut, Lebanon. She grew up in Mali, West Africa and moved to Beirut in 2003. Shortly after earning a BA in English language from the Lebanese American University, Linda worked as a language editor and taught English to a variety of students – young schoolchildren, young professionals, high ranking military officials, retired people and refugees. Her career in the media kicked off when she started working as a news presenter, producer and reporter for Future TV English. Today, Linda hosts the morning show on Virgin Radio Stars and works as a freelance journalist. She reported for several news stations including France 24, TRT World, SkyNews and 7NEWS (Sydney). Whenever she’s not working, Linda enjoys cooking/baking, working out, reading and spending time with her dogs.

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