Podcast Nabat is the first botany-focused Arabic podcast, tailored to be both informative and useful to those who have the interest, but lack the knowledge.

Wrestling Ride

Wrestling Ride is a show about the greatest matches and wrestlers in the business. Step into the ring with Faisal and Yousef to go on a wild ride of wrestling stories, behind the scenes and history.

Ahwe w Khabriye

 Ahweh w’ Khabrieh explores the stories of women in history and then has a conversation with prominent women today.
Hosted by media personality Maya Hujeij.

Sehtak Aham with Baraa

Baraa Al Sabbagh is an expert in the nutrition and the exercise field, she created this Sehtek Aham podcast to give you more insider information from experts from around the world about how to be a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Ma Waraa

Ma Wara’ follows a series of supernatural stories that explores satirical situations between humans and the unseen. 

Legendary Rock Stories

From playing tiny ballrooms to becoming the biggest stars on the planet, step into the stories of the greatest rock n roll legends that ever lived.

Amaliqat Al Tareeq

Listen to the legendary commentator Feras Al Nimri narrate the stories of the biggest brands in automotive and how they shaped the future of Motorsports.

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Legendary Rock Stories - Rising Giants Network

Legendary Rock Stories

Amalikat Al Tareeq

Amaliqat Al Tareeq

Ahwe w Khabriye

Ma Waraa’

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Meet the Creators

Basel Anabtawi

Legendary Rock Stories

A heavy metal fan of the highest order, Basel is the host & creator of the ‘Legendary Rock Stories’ podcast. He is also the co-founder of the Rising Giants Network and the host of his original show, Basel Meets. He’s one of the OG podcasters in the Middle East region!

Bashar Najjar


One of the co-founders of the Rising Giants Network, Bashar is a man of many talents. In addition to being the chief audio engineer of the network, he is also the host of ‘Nabat’, where he explores his passion of gardening and agriculture.

Maya Hojeij

Ahweh w’ Khabrieh

A legendary media personality & a coffee aficionado. Maya is the creator of the ‘Ahweh w’ Khabrieh ‘podcast which covers her passion for telling stories of women empowerment. With over two decades of media experience, Maya is also a TEDx speaker and a faculty member at the American University in Dubai.