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Our creative network of podcasters, VO artists, writers and illustrators are the core of building immersive podcast experiences. They are the true Rising Giants. Our creative network of podcasters, VO artists, writers and illustrators are the core of building immersive podcast experiences. They are the true Rising Giants. 

We want our audience to truly immerse themselves in the topics that our storytellers choose to tell. Whether you’re a motorsports fan, a rock n roll follower or a curious value seeker, RGN has got you covered.


Basel Anabtawi

Legendary Rock Stories

A heavy metal fan of the highest order, Basel is the host & creator of the ‘Legendary Rock Stories’ podcast. He is also the co-founder of the Rising Giants Network and the host of his original show, Basel Meets. He’s one of the OG podcasters in the Middle East region!

Bashar Najjar


One of the co-founders of the Rising Giants Network, Bashar is a man of many talents. In addition to being the Chief Sound Engineer of the network, he is also the host of ‘Nabat’, where he explores his passion of gardening and agriculture.

Maya Hojeij

Ahweh w’ Khabrieh

A legendary media personality & a coffee aficionado. Maya is the creator of the ‘Ahweh w’ Khabrieh ‘podcast which covers her passion for telling stories of women empowerment. With over two decades of media experience, Maya is also a TEDx speaker and a faculty member at the American University in Dubai. 

Firas Nimri 

‘Amalikat Al Tareek

A veteran Motorsports host, Firas Nimri is familiar to millions of Middle Eastern Motorsports fans who may have heard his commentating the F1 series, or at premier motorsports events like the Red Bull Car Park Drift. He brings his expertise to his first-ever podcast: Amalikat Al Tareeq (Giants of the road).

Baraa Sabbagh

Sehtak Aham with Baraa

An instant dose of positive energy! Baraa is the host of the successful ‘B for Better Health’ podcast. She is also the host of the Arabic rendition of the same showan RGN exclusive. She’s one of Dubai’s most trusted Dietitian Sports Nutritionists and a personal trainer.

Hessa Al Banafsaj

Ma Wara

One of the first creators to join the family, Hessa is the host of the paranormal-themed show, ‘Ma Wara’. She is an Emirati author who is a member of the Untitled Chapters Group. An Emirati women writing group

Faisal Al Mughaisib

Wrestling Ride

The first Arab WWE commentator.
Faisal’s never ending passion for WWE made him the first Arab WWE commentator in history, a young man with many achievments in the industry. He is also a radio host and a wrestling content creator.

Ashleigh Stewart

Our Darkest Day

An experienced journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the multimedia, broadcast and print industry. Skilled in breaking news, investigative journalism and feature writing around the world. Currently writing for: The Telegraph, The Times, CNN, Wired and more.

Mohammad Awaad

Hayatna Kora

A Jordanian Presenter and Journalist. Occupied the Content Manager position in “Al Roya Newspaper” in the UAE and a Sports Analyst on “Koora” on Rotana Gulf Channel, in addition to his personal YouTube Channel; Selfie Sport, and digital activity since 2007. Started his journey in engineering and aviation, before going into journalism, in which he became the Executive Producer and Editor In Chief of Abu Dhabi Sport’s Sport 360’s Arabic rendition. Editor In Chief of,, and a present guest on Goal. Author of 9 books, including the notable “Bigger Than You Think” Series about football.


Zena Haddad

Not So Zen

A degree in Film and Cinema, Zena has been the mastermind behind numerous productions. From LBC, Future TV, Orbit, and Red Bull, Zena has been producing, directing, and even doing voice over. Managing the talent has been her life’s work, and now she takes the talent’s seat.


Al Montaser

Abu Abdo Al Hakawati

Abu Abdo was born in Damascus, the capital of story narration and the center where the Hakawati concept was popularized. In his formative years, Damascus played a huge role in Abu Abdo’s career choice. He grew to love stories, whether listening to them or telling them. He found his calling in stories that hold a lesson and a meaning, and his life of moving around from country to another gave him an arsenal of educational and fun tales.

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