A network of creators producing narrative driven audio experiences.

About Rising Giants Network

Rising Giants Network is a story-telling company that is focused on scripting, producing, and building the world’s most immersive podcast experiences. Our stories are crafted from the ground-up to capture the imagination of our listeners and transport them into the world’s they choose to jump into.

Bringing together the region’s finest storytelling  talent

We work with a wide range of talented story tellers who have the passion, experience and in-depth knowledge to cover the stories that we choose to tell. 

Spanning across a wide variety of subjects, we deliver relevant content and stories that engage a large group of audiences across the MENA Region & beyond. 

RGN Team

Basel Anabtawi

Co-Founder | CEO

Bashar Najjar

Co-Founder | Sound Engineer

Barry Kirsch

Co-Founder | Director

Said Al Sayyed

Partner | Financial Advisor

Amr Attieh

Script and Production Guru

Saad Kisswani

Sound Engineer

Elsa Antoun


Dima Mursi

Content Creator, Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert

Connect with your audience authentically

The listening experience is our top priority. Which is why we work closely with our partners to ensure a natural and meaningful fit to the content

Have an amazing Idea? Become an RGN Creator

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