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About the show

Hayatna Koora Podcast is a retelling of the amazing stories behind the most popular sport in the world; football. We take you beyond the pitch. Presented by the Sports Analyst and Journalist Mohammad Awwad, accompanied for the discussion segment by Sports Journalist Heba Al-Mubarak.



Mohammad Awaad


A Jordanian Presenter and Journalist Occupied the Content Manager position in “Al Roya Newspaper” in the UAE and a Sports Analyst on “Koora” on Rotana Gulf Channel, in addition to his personal YouTube Channel; Selfie Sport, and digital activity since 2007. Started his journey in engineering and aviation, before going into journalism, in which he became the Executive Producer and Editor In Chief of Abu Dhabi Sport’s Sport 360’s Arabic rendition. Editor In Chief of Goal.com, Kooora.com, and a present guest on Goal. Author of 9 books, including the notable “Bigger Than You Think” Series about football.

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