Abu Abdo Al Hakawati


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The Hakawati occupation is as old as the stories they tell. It dates back to before 1837. It is him who tells the stories to those who’ve come to listen, with a metaphor and a lesson. The Hakawati is anticipated every Ramadan in Arab countries, and here we present it to you in the podcast format. Tune in to Abu Abdo’s exciting stories that tell tales from all over the globe.


Al Montaser


Abu Abdo was born in Damascus, the capital of story narration and the center where the Hakawati concept was popularized. In his formative years, Damascus played a huge role in Abu Abdo’s career choice. He grew to love stories, whether listening to them or telling them. He found his calling in stories that hold a lesson and a meaning, and his life of moving around from country to another gave him an arsenal of educational and fun tales.

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